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The Park coordinates seasonal travel opportunities for adoptive families and adoptees of all ages. Whether it’s an adoptees-only service trip, a private birth province tour, or a first-time-back tour extravaganza, our trips come in all shapes and sizes to help you embark on safe, life-changing, and empowering grand adventures of discovery and connection.

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Heritage Tour Packages
Side streets, crossroads, peaks, and valleys, here we come.

**Please know that an Orphanage Visit can be added to any of our tours**

Grand Tours

The crowd favorite, our Grand Tours let you experience China’s most renowned world heritage sites in its most famous cities. Visit the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’An, the Giant Panda Reserve in Chengdu, and the Li River in Guilin, while immersing in unique cultural experiences for an unforgettable panoramic view of China’s breathtaking past and present.

China Grand Tour – Winter 2023
$1,599/child   $1,899/adult
China Grand Tour – Spring 2024
$1,739/child   $2,039/adult
China Grand Tour – Summer 2024
$1,739/child   $2,039/adult
China Grand Tour – Winter 2024
$1,739/child   $2,039/adult
Specialty Tours

Specialty Tours take you off the proverbial beaten path and highlight the roads less traveled. Some like to call these tours Grand Tours #2 and we tend to agree. If you have already experienced a Grand Tour but still hope to expand your China travels, a Specialty Tour may be just the ticket!

Skyscrapers & Mountaintops:
Shanghai to Yellow Mountain
$1,669/child     $1,799/adult
Get lost in the metropolitan landscape of Shanghai, where Old China meets New and East meets West. Try Shanghai’s famous cuisine and be sure to stop by the Bund before our guide whisks you off on a tour through some of east coast China’s most best-kept-secret getaways. Luckiest of all, this tour brings travelers to the stunning peaks of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and China’s “most poetic” mountain! 
Province Tours

For those hoping to delve deeper into their Chinese heritage exploration, our Province Tours are 8 days of pure bliss. Visit the most famous sites, familiarize your tastebuds with the local cuisine, tune your ears to the local dialects, and immerse yourself in the breath-taking beauty of your birth province! 

Hunan Province Tour
$1,200/child     $1,400/adult
Immerse yourself in Hunan’s magnificent landscapes and beautiful culture! From Changsha’s famous embroidery and the startling mountainscapes of Zhangjiajie (UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China’s most surreal national parks), to ancient towns and Miao Minority villages, this trip is a deep dive into the heart of Hunan Province. 
Henan Province Tour
$1,360/child     $1,460/adult
From the mystical Shaolin Temple to the foreboding carvings of the Longmen Grottoes, a tour of Henan means diving into the earliest days of Chinese antiquity, its fraught history and its undeniable beauty. Catch a Song Dynasty shadow puppet show and hike along the beautiful waterfalls of Yuntai Mountain. A Henan tour should be on everyone’s bucket list, but it is an absolute must as a birth province tour!
Jiangxi Province Tour
$1,370/child     $1,500/adult
Jiangxi feels like the doorway into Southern China, greeting travelers with verdant rice paddies and floral hills. Understated and vibrant, all at once, Jiangxi is the meditative escape of our dreams. Travelers will get to visit China’s most beautiful countrysides in Wuyuan, get lost in the beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Site Lushan Mountain, and fill their bellies and hearts with Jiangxi’s incredible cuisine. Who says you can’t have it all? 
Guangdong Province Tour
$1,400/child     $1,500/adult
Step into a China that’s far-too-often overlooked in tour and history books. Guangdong is a hidden gem of incredible beauty, cuisine, and influence, and deserves many a spotlight. With culinary history and artistry akin to that of French renown, Guangdong is the birthplace of world favorites—lovers of dim sum, char siu, and sweet & sour anything have Guangdong to thank! Beyond local flavors, travelers will have a chance to meet local ethnic groups, hike Gulongxia Forest Park, and possibly even visit the famous “red couch” of White Swan Hotel.
Customized Tours

Prefer to travel with your own party? Have a bucket list of experiences you need to check off on one trip? Let us help! We love to work with you to create individualized itineraries that turn your dreams into reality. A trip of a lifetime awaits! Let us help coordinate the perfect trip for you.

Below are just some ideas to inspire.

Deluxe China Tour
Travel in style! If you’re looking for 5-star premium luxury throughout your trip, we can work with you to build the itinerary of your dreams, with all the bells and whistles. Your VIP China tour experience is just a phone call away!
Custom Private Tour
We specialize in creating individualized itineraries that are perfect for your needs. Whether you’re planning a special extended family vacation, school immersion trip, or the honeymoon of your dreams, let us help coordinate the perfect trip for you!