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The Park coordinates seasonal travel opportunities for adoptive families and adoptees of all ages. Whether it’s an adoptees-only service trip, a private birth province tour, or a first-time-back tour extravaganza, our trips come in all shapes and sizes to help you embark on safe, life-changing, and empowering grand adventures of discovery and connection.
Tour Packages
Side streets, crossroads, peaks, and valleys, here we come.
Grand Tour – China 2023
$1,599/child   $1,899/adult
The Grand Tour brings you up close and personal with some of China’s most renowned world heritage sites. Visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Giant Panda Reserve, and the Li River, while immersing in unique cultural experiences for an unforgettable panoramic view of China’s breathtaking past and present.
China Birth Province Tour
Birth Province Tours are a wonderful opportunity for adoptees and their families to spend quality time exploring their birth place and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their root heritage, culture, and history. 
China Adoption Group Private Tour
Traveling back to China with your original adoption group can be an extra emotional, rewarding, and revelatory trip. Our Adoption Group Tour gives adoptees the opportunity to reconnect and make new memories as they and their families spend quality time exploring China together.
Customized Private Tour
Prefer to travel alone or with just a few close friends? No problem! We specialize in creating individualized itineraries that turn your dreams into reality. A trip of a lifetime awaits! Let us help coordinate the perfect trip for you.

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