Adoptee Connections

Celebration. Inspiration. Pride.

Whether you are looking for events to meet new friends from around the world or just in your local community, The Park offers opportunities for all ages and backgrounds to get involved through adoptee-curated events and community opportunities.

All adoptee programming at The Park is coordinated and inspired by adoptees, for adoptees. Keep scrolling to learn more about each offering and see how you can get involved!



AdopTween invites all preteen adoptees (ages 8-12) from all backgrounds to join in some purposeful fun, led through the mentorship of teen and young adult adoptees. Through monthly events, both in person and online, our AdopTween events provide a positive, constructive space for preteen adoptees to make new friends and share in each other’s stories!

AdopTween’s Virtual and In-Person schedule has been posted and registration is open! Be sure to check it out and we hope your tween joins us for some fun!

AdopTween Hangouts


Adopteen has been coordinating multiple large-scale connection events throughout the year for teenaged and young adult adoptees, ages 13-21, since 2007.

Adopteen is dedicated to providing the adoptee community with valuable connections and life-affirming experiences through leadership, mentorship, service, and dialogue. Inspired by a simple desire to bring adoptee friends together for a weekend of fun, Adopteen wanted to build a different kind of community that wasn’t defined solely by our birth culture but, more importantly, on our incredibly diverse adoptee culture.

Adopteen 2024 events:

Adopteen Camp-Conference — Washington, D.C. — June 24-28, 2024

Adopteen Camp-Conference — Colorado Springs, CO — July 15-20, 2024

Beyond Adopteen

We can admit it. Adulting is weird.

Beyond Adopteen is our adult adoptee programming for adoptees ages 18 and up. With bi-annual retreats, community events, and international tours, Beyond Adopteen events are tailored to connect and empower adult adoptees, whether they are just figuring out life outside of their childhood community, entering the work force, or starting a family of their own.

2024 Beyond Adopteen Events:

Beyond Adopteen Retreat — August 9-12, 2024


We launched our first Chapter in 2018 in celebration of 10 years of Adopteen. Today, The Park has 13 active Chapters around North America, coordinating low-key and easy community events every month in their local communities for adoptees ages 13-21 and 21+! Chapters – in-person and virtual – help expand The Park’s mission globally by creating a strong network of support and friendship for adoptees across as many communities as possible. The need for healthy support systems for adoptees is vital and Chapters help ensure that these support systems are not only easy to find but also incredibly empowering.

Our Chapters operate independently from each other but we are all one big happy family. If you find yourself visiting somewhere new on vacation and there’s a Hangout happening, stop by! We’d love to meet you!