AdopTween is The Park’s dedicated pre-teen rocketship, focused on providing vital mentorship and community for adoptees, ages 8-12. Introduced in 2013 as a sister program to Adopteen, AdopTween believes in the power of mentorship through friendship and the wisdom of youth.

Apply to Serve as an AdopTween Mentor

Our adoptee support events are all coordinated and led by adoptees, for adoptees. Apply today to help create important and lasting experiences for our 2023-2024 AdopTween participants!

AdopTween Mentor Expectations

  • Must be an adoptee, 15 years old or older
  • Passionate about building connections for adoptees of all ages
  • Able to dedicate a maximum of 5 hrs/month for the duration of our AdopTween year (October – June), specifically on AdopTween Saturdays
  • Must be a responsible, empowering, kind, and open-minded peer for adoptees of all ages
  • Big team player
  • Passionate and dedicated to the overall mission, policies, and values of AdopTween
Learn More about Adoptee Leadership Opportunities at The Park

Providing leadership development opportunities for adoptees is extremely important to our mission. Leadership provides the chance to be the person others can look to for guidance and assurance. Through leadership, you are able to gain confidence, develop important life skills, and dig deeper into your own story.

Learn more about Adopteen’s Leadership Opportunities:

  • Adopteen Leadership Committee
  • Chapter Coordinator
  • Virtual Engagements Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • Development Committee