For whatever this journey brings you…

We know that adoption finalization is only the beginning of a lifelong journey for every family. Adoption can bring unique challenges that require dedicated and special work. Whether it’s a question you cannot answer, a meltdown that leaves you discouraged, or a medical update that you need advice on, The Park is dedicated to providing versatile and accessible post-adoption workshops and classes that help empower parents and families to build strong, confident, and lasting relationships no matter where they are in their adoption journeys. From play therapy workshops for children to therapeutic training for parents, we hope  that our support resources can help adoptive families be their best.

Beyond our on-site and virtual resources, please use our Other Resources tab to connect with licensed, adoption-competent therapists around the country and access a wider variety of post-adoption resources that are helping families around the world succeed.

Adoptee Support

The Park is working hard to bring important, empowering therapeutic and wellness support programming for the adoptee community at all stages in life. Currently, mentorship and therapy-minded programming for children ages 7 and up is available year-round at The Park through our AdopTween mentorship program and Xpress Yourself play therapy groups. For our adoptee leadership teams, we are dedicated to supporting their continual growth as confident, competent, inspiring leaders in the community through annual leadership training retreats.

Whether you are pursuing a birth root search or struggling in a difficult season, The Park is here ready to find you support and resources that you need.

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Parent Support

To be able to connect adoptive parents, raising children at all age/developmental/growth stages, with consistent post-adoption support classes is a vital need when building a strong and authentic post-adoption support community. Through The Connected Parent, The Park is focused on providing parents with such opportunities, supporting healthy bonds and dedicated learning.

Family Support