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Adopteen’s Chapters help expand The Park’s adoptee support mission globally by creating a strong network of connection and celebration across as many communities as possible. The need for healthy support systems for adoptees is vital and Chapters help ensure that these support systems are not only easy to find but also empowering.

Chapters are a great, easy way to start making more adoptee connections in your local community. All Chapters are headed by fantastic volunteer coordinators who have a passion for creating fun opportunities for connection and cannot wait to meet you. Chapters operate independently from each other but we are all Adopteen. If you find yourself visiting somewhere new on vacation and there’s a Chapter meet-up happening, stop by! 

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Just some adoptees trying to make sure that all adoptees have a supportive community that helps them celebrate, feel inspired, and take pride in their adoption identity.

We like to say we're in the business of making the world a smaller place.

You gotta's a pretty cool mission.

The Perks

Becoming an Adopteen Chapter Coordinator means bringing adoptee connections to everyone’s doorstep.

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