Cultural Education

Culture shapes how we see the world, how we see the community that we live in, and how we learn, remember, and connect. Often caught between cultures, The Park is devoted to helping adoptees and their families grow confidently and proudly in their birth culture connections through cultural education programming that welcomes questions and encourages exploration.

Whether it’s a 2-hour cooking class or a summer immersion camp, we love bringing new cultural connection opportunities to our community.

Looking for a cultural experience we don’t offer? Let us know what you hope to see!

Cultural School

Our Joyous Chinese Cultural School offers both in-person and online language and dance classes for children ages 5-18 and adults.

Summer Camps

Our Joyous Chinese Cultural School summer camps have something for everyone!

Clubs & Workshops

The Park offers quarterly workshops, both online and in person, for short-form cultural experiences. Better yet, join us for our in-person language, dance, or cooking clubs! 

Field Trips

Book a field trip to our Joyous Chinese Cultural School! Open to schools and community groups of all ages, our field trips lead participants through a morning of Chinese language, dance, cooking, and art!

In-Person Classes

Registration Open Year-Round

Come share your Saturday mornings with us at our cultural school! JCCS is a distinctive place for the adoption community to spend time with families who are just as diverse as their own, while engaging with their beautiful birth culture.

Joyous Chinese Cultural

Celebrate Your Multicultural Family

Joyous Chinese Cultural School opened its doors in 1996 to help fortify strong birth heritage connections and encourage cultural pride for Chinese adoptees.

Online Classes

Quarterly Offerings

New Joyous Chinese Cultural School language, art, and cooking online classes are offered quarterly!

Cultural Camps

Gain broader understanding

We offer 3-day and 5-day cultural day camps that help campers gain a broader understanding and appreciation of other cultures!

Summer Camps

Positive and empowering cultural connection experiences for all ages!

Specialty Camps

Gain deeper understanding

With so many cultural aspects to explore, we offer Specialty Camps that give campers a chance to dive deeper into the specifics!

Cooking Camp

Lion Dance Camp

Dance Camp

Clubs & Workshops

Growing and learning together.

Our workshops and clubs rotate seasonally. Check out what’s coming up!

Lion Dance Club

Spring Session 2024

Our most heart-pumping, new-obsession-forming club is our Lion Dance Club! Come spend time with our awesome martial arts instructor, Master Faris, and other Chinese lion dance enthusiasts. Lion Dance Club is a chance to learn, connect, and understand the history, art form, and performance of this amazing martial art.

Book a Field Trip with Joyous Chinese Cultural School!

Half-Day cultural immersion

Join us for a morning of hands-on cultural activities that will help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture! Our Cultural School is open to school groups and community groups of all ages.
Experience Kung Fu Fan Dancing, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Papercutting, Chinese Dumplings, Mahjong, Tea Ceremony, and so much more!
Find a date that works best for you. We’re excited to meet you!

Field Trips

Our Chinese Cultural Field Trips are open to schools and community groups of all ages!

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