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Community Clubs

Mahjong Nights


Stop by our community center for Community Mahjong Night, every first Thursday,  August through June! Fun for all ages, Mahjong is a game of strategy and chance. 

Bring your own gameset or use ours. Beginners are always welcome! Lessons will be given at the beginning of each night. 

*This is a suggested donation

Chinese Chats Club


Those looking for a chance to hone their Mandarin Chinese language skills are invited to pop into our Chinese Chats Club every 2nd Tuesday. 

Chinese Chats Club is self-led, casual chat meetups that are low-pressure, but intentional opportunities to converse in Chinese and make those mistakes your teachers scold you for without apology.

*This is a suggested donation

Supper Club

Price Dependent on Restaurant of the Month

Supper Club is a fun, monthly opportunity to learn about and enjoy beloved cultural dishes from around the world! Chinese, Colombian, Ethiopian, Ukrainian, Haitian, and more cuisines are calling our stomachs and we’re eager to explore!

We’ll be meeting with local restaurant owners, learning about their dishes and sharing a dinner with them each month!

Lion Dance Club


Learn the amazing, heart-pumping art of Lion Dancing and meet other members of our community through an engaging lion dance club led by ShiFu Faris Sharif from the National Martial Arts Academy! Traditional lion dance is performed on big occasions, such as Chinese New Year and Moon Festival, and is believed to bring good fortune.

Lion Dance Club members get to perform at all major JCCS events!

Sewing Club


We love sewing! Come join fellow textile enthusiasts to create your own wonderful pieces together. Just supportive, low-key fun.

Coordinated like a monthly book club, club members will agree on each month’s next meetup.

Chinese Dance Club


Stop in for a fun night of dance and culture! Learn traditional Chinese dance choreography paired with popular songs from the Billboard Top 100! Dance Club is a fun freestyle club for ages 13+. 


Resume Writing


Stop in and work on your resume with counsel from industry professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters. Learn how to present your skills and work experience effectively and concisely, with the chance to perfect your LinkedIn profile as well!

*This is a suggested donation

IEP 101 for Parents


Join us to learn more about IEPs, including: the differences between an IEP and a 504; who qualifies for an IEP; how to request an IEP; how to have a successful IEP meeting; what’s the difference between a medical diagnosis and educational eligibility?; and more! 

Q&A portion at the end of each session.

Genetic Testing 101


Sit with adoptee and genetic research professors to learn about the ever-growing and often-daunting landscape of DNA testing and genetic mapping for adoptees. This is a casual, but intentional workshop that is meant to provide a broad overview of how adoptees and adoptive parents can safely and responsibly approach genetic testing as it relates to birth root connections.

*Mature content warning. Please be advised.