Welcome to the terminus of the famous Silk Road. Xi’An holds the record as China’s longest reigning ancient capital, having served as China’s capital city for over 1,200 years and through 13 different dynasties! This fact alone makes Xi’An the stuff of history nerd dreams, but the real peanut butter and jelly is the city’s undisputed title as China’s noodle capital. That’s right – Xi’An is arguably the birthplace of all the world’s noodles! Who can compete with that??

Other highlights include:

  • The Terra Cotta Warriors, a mind-blowing display of artistry and ego by the Qin Dynasty and its first emperor
  • The Ancient city walls of the Ming Dynasty
  • Hua Mountain, one of China’s five sacred mountains and the only one that’s gone TikTok viral

Are we ready to visit yet? We’ve got you covered.