We’re finally here! The home of the world’s favorite stuffed animal – our beloved Giant Pandas! Protect them at all costs…

Chengdu’s nickname translates to the “Garden City at the Foot of the Snow Mountains.” So, you know, pretty lowkey and not romantic at all. Despite its breathtaking and sprawling bamboo forests and quiet tea culture, Chengdu is quite the Gemini with its affinity for spicy foods as well.  That’s right! We’re also in Sichuan Province, home to everyone’s favorite ma la (numbing) spice. Bring your handkerchiefs to dab those sweaty temples.

Other highlights include:

  • Sichuan Opera (known for its incredible art of face changing!)
  • Did we mention Giant Pandas? Chengdu Panda Base is the largest panda base in the world! *cry emoji*

Are we ready to visit yet? We’ve got you covered.