This historied metropolitan has held the title of Capital of China on and off since 1045 B.C.! Once Kublai Khan came a-knocking in 1271, Beijing maintained its high distinction through the last three imperial dynasties: Yuan (Mongolian), Ming (Han Chinese), and Qing (Manchurian), and on into the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Beijing’s many famous sites are gifts from its storied past:

  • Hutong, the city’s famous residential alleyways, are a Mongolian legacy
  • The Forbidden City was erected in the Ming Dynasty
  • The Summer Palace was the holiday retreat for Qing Dynasty royals

And let’s not forget, China’s Center for Children Welfare & Adoption (CCCWA) also calls Beijing, home. That’s right. The building responsible for all domestic and international China adoptions is right here. Whoa. 

Good thing we’re visiting all of these and more!

Are we ready to visit yet? We’ve got you covered.