Zane Cleghorn

Hola Hola 🙂 My name is Zane Cleghorn and I am a Chinese adoptee from Henan. I live near Seattle, Washington but I will be completing my bachelor’s degree in Geology from Montana State University and starting my master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts, studying Geophysics. With that said, I love the rocks and going out exploring, hiking, eating the rocks. When I’m not staring at the ground, I love to play tennis every day if I can! I also like to cook, play the trumpet, watch anime, and read manga. Watching trashy reality t.v. is a guilty pleasure of mine. My favorite fun fact is I’ve been hit by a car biking! But studying abroad in Taiwan was pretty fun, too.

This will be my first experience with Adopteen, so I am very excited to meet this community and make new friends! I have worked as a counselor for another adoptee camp called Holt Camp the two previous summers and will again this summer after Adopteen. I look forward to tell my friends there about Adopteen and see the adoptee community grow! I’ll see you all soon!!!