Joy Bunch

Hiya everyone! My name is Joy, I am currently based in Missouri and I was born in Hong Kong! I have been apart of Adopteen since 2018, Minneapolis being my first camp conference as a camper! I transitioned into committee during the 2020 virtual camp, so I am sure if you are a returning camper, we have crossed paths! If you are a new camper, I’m ready to make some new friends!

Some fun anecdotes about me, I have a Graphic Design degree but also specialize in Jewelry, so one of my side hobbies is silver smithing! Anyone who knows me also know I am a big K-pop lover and I have been running a small kpop business out of my home since sophmore year of college. Please feel free to come to me to chat anything K-pop, I can yap about it all day. I am also quite the concert goer, all genres not just Kpop! However, don’t be fooled by my extrovert like personality. I am in fact an introvert which just means I enjoy my alone time haha, but my social battery is fully charged and ready for camp!! I can’t wait to make some fun memories with you all!! 🙂