Ivy Buchanan

Ivy proudly serves as the Adoptee Programs Coordinator at The Park, creating and supporting lifelong support resources for adoptees and their families. She earned a BA in Production Design for Film and Theater with a minor in Studio Art from University of Colorado and although art and film remain some of her top passions, a visit to an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal after graduation instilled in her the conviction to work with the adoption community. After some prior experience in post-adoption and non-profit management, she joined The Park in 2023.

Ivy was adopted from Kazakhstan at 18-months old and is proud of her adoptee identity and her adoptive family. She is passionate about sharing and amplifying the stories of the amazing people in the adoption community and loves helping adoptees celebrate their identities.

In her free time, Ivy enjoys making art (she is working on a series of sculptural paintings of endangered animal species), trying new food, catching up with friends, reading, and being with family. She loves to travel whenever possible and has had the incredibly opportunity to live in London, England and Florence, Italy.