The Park Adoption Community Center’s educational resources offer individuals and families the opportunity to fortify personal, familial, and communal connections through in-person and online courses, workshops, and events.

Learning Together

Whether you are looking for opportunities to refresh your skills, deepen your knowledge, or gather new strategies, we are ready to meet you where you are and grow together.

Post-Adoption Learning

Whether you are newly home with your new child or your children now have children of their own, every step in the adoption journey allows for opportunities to learn and grow as a family.

The Park offers versatile post-adoption support courses and workshop for adoptees and adoptive parents in all seasons, to help encourage and guide you through a variety of different life scenarios.

We hope our many options provide easy access and flexibility for whatever your life pace allows.

Take one of our seasonally-offered group workshops, led by adoption support professionals

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Cultural Connection

We believe that access to positive birth cultural connections is a vital support resource for adoptees and their families. The Park offers approachable and engaging cultural learning programming under the Joyous Chinese Cultural School (JCCS), and is also working hard to provide opportunities to connect with South American, Central American, Eastern European, and African cultures!

With an approach that is specifically shaped for transnational adoptees and non-native speakers, our cultural learning courses emphasize exploration and connection. Whether you are simply looking for a fun cultural experience or needing to maintain fluency, JCCS classes and any of our workshops are a great place to start. Visit the links below to learn more about our various cultural connection opportunities.