Adoption STAR: “Scholarship Opportunities”

Adoption STAR offers four unique scholarship opportunities for the adoption community. Scholarships are for academics, LGBTQ+ prospective parents, and special needs children. All of the…

Haiti Scholarships

This organization is geared toward Haitian students in Hawaii. There are five scholarships listed, each with details about the requirements, award amounts, providers, and more.

NCFA: Internships

The webpage for the NCFA Internship application. This is an unpaid opportunity located in Virginia that works to strengthen and support adoption.

ASIA Families

This organization supports adoptees of all ages from Korea in developing their identities through educational programs in the US and Korea. They also offer cultural…

Adoptees Connect

This is a peer-led connect group for adult adoptees — a safe space for adoptees to gather and share their experiences about their journeys with…

Hiking the Heart

A licensed therapist in the states of Wisconsin, Florida and Hawaii who specializes in psychotherapy for adoptees, teenagers, adults, and families.