Found – postponed

FOUND x Adopteen:
An Online Conversation with Chloe, Lily, and Sadie


More details to come. Thank you for your understanding!

FOUND x Adopteen:

A Livestream Conversation with
FOUND & Chef Kristen Kish

Join Chloe, Lily, Sadie, and Chef Kristen Kish as they explore how food helps shape our stories and keep us rooted

In Amanda Lipitz’s documentary film, FOUND, three adopted American teenage girls — Chloe, Lily, and Sadie — discover that they are blood-related cousins. Their online meeting inspires the young women to confront complicated and emotional questions, and embark on a once in a lifetime journey to China together in search of answers, connections, and their lost history.

Adopteen is excited to partner with FOUND to bring an exciting opportunity!

Join us as we kick things off on National Adoption Day, November 20th, with a 1-hour conversation with Chloe, Lily, and Sadie to discuss their individual on-screen and off-screen journeys in the making of the film and whether the experience of connecting with each other and pieces of their past has changed how they each view the ideas of “searching” and “finding.”

This conversation will be moderated by Adopteen Program Manager, Ali Dunbar, and MyTaproot Program Coordinator, Mary Horsburgh.