Chinese New Year Celebration

Support JCCS with a Dragon in a Box
CCAI co-Founder and CEO Lily Nie and The Park Executive Director Amy Zhong are wearing the exclusive JCCS Year of the Dragon longsleeve shirts and holding an open Dragon Box, displaying some special items inside. Visible items include a red and gold plush dragon, red new year balloons, cashmere dragon scarf, CCAI water bottle, blessing character, and uninflated mylar balloon.
Our favorite boxes are back!
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with our Joyous Chinese Cultural School Dragon in a Box! We hope the items in this surprise box help make this new Lunar Year that much more special. 
$200/Dragon Box
Limited supply! Support our cultural school programming with your Dragon in a Box purchase today!

This year’s JCCS Dragon in a Box includes:

  • Limited edition JCCS Year of the Dragon longsleeve shirt
  • Limited edition Chinese “Blessing” character, handwritten by CCAI Co-founder & President, Joshua Zhong & signed by both CCAI co-founders, Lily and Josh
  • CCAI water bottle
  • Dragon plush
  • Dragon scarf
  • Assorted snacks
  • And more!
Assorted Dragon Box goodies shown scattered around a red and gold plush dragon. Goodies include special red lunar new year balloons, chocolate coins, red envelopes, lucky candy, and other sweets.
CCAI co-Founder and President Joshua Zhong is holding up a red Chinese blessing page with a fresh-painted calligraphy Blessing character by his truly.
Assorted Dragon Box items shown, including exclusive purple JCCS Year of the Dragon longsleeve shirt, red cashmere dragon scarf, dragon lego figurine, red CCAI water bottle, and some tasty rice crackers.
2024 JCCS Dragon-in-a-box
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