Chinese Adoptee Cultural Talent Competition

CCAI/The Park is excited to host our second annual Chinese Adoptees Cultural Talent Competition!

Last year, we received over 60 incredible submissions from contestants of all ages, all around the country. This year, we are eager to continue this beautiful celebration of cultural connection with more opportunities to win!

The Chinese Adoptees Cultural Talent Competition is a great chance for Chinese adoptees who have a passion for Chinese culture to show off their wonderful talents in the Chinese cultural arts. With three competition age groups and two categories to compete in, we cannot wait to see what you are all able to create this year.

Winners will be announced on CCAI’s & The Park’s Facebook pages and our websites and winning artwork will be displayed at CCAI Headquarters in Centennial, CO! ALL contestants will receive a special gift and Certificate of Appreciation, signed by CCAI’s co-founders, Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie!


This competition is open to ALL Chinese adoptees, no matter what agency helped facilitate the adoption.

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