AdopTween Camp Counselor Application

Apply to Serve as an AdopTween Camp Counselor

We’re so excited you’re here. AdopTween Day Camp 2023 is going to be amazing, thanks to you!

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Must be an adoptee, 15 years or older
  • Available to dedicate up to 8 hours/month in the two months leading up to AdopTween Day Camp
  • Must arrive one day prior to event start date for final training and preparation
  • Team player, hard worker, kind supporter, empathetic listener, charismatic leader
  • Passionate about building connections for adoptees of all ages
  • Expected to maintain exemplary conduct at any and all AdopTween and Adopteen events and act as a positive representative of AdopTween and Adopteen in the world
Applications have closed for the 2023 Adopteen Leadership Committee. For any questions, please call (303) 221-6688 ext. 204. Thank you!